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Romans Sales Representative Agreement: On signing up as a Romans representative it is hereby agreed that the following will apply: 1: Your role as a Romans representative: Your main role is promoting the sales of Romans products within the UK. As a Romans representative you will have a sales target set at £50 per month from initial commencement of our agreement. There is no expectation for this level of monthly sales to be achieved in the first two months, but you must achieve orders of this value within month three and every month following. This monthly target can be waived due to exceptional circumstances but it’s your responsibility to notify Romans Fragrances in this situation. 2: Orders & Commissions: 2.1 As a Romans representative full payment will be given to you by your customer on completion of you for filling your contractual agreement with them, the contractually agreed price with your customer will be more than you have paid Romans for the products. 2.2 It is agreed that you will receive a 25% discount on the RRP of the items that are commissionable, when logging into your account your discount is already applied to the products. 2.3 The onscreen price in your account is the price you pay after your 25% discount. 2.4 All Romans products are subject to a 25% Commissionable rate except for tealights and all items in the sales tools section of the website. 2.5 Should you wish to run your own promotional offers the discount you offer your customer will be at your own expense and subsidised by your 25% commission. 2.6 All orders will be placed by submission via our online website. 2.7 All products ordered will be packaged & dispatched to you within 5-7 working days of order. We would request that once you have received your delivery that the products are then promptly distributed to your customers. 2.8 On receiving your delivery should you find that any of the items are damaged or missing you must inform us immediately by using the rep account page on the website or by emailing Please can you put the word damages or missing items in the subject box on your email. 3. Your engagement as a Romans representative: Your engagement with Romans starts from the date of your approval of our terms and conditions on sign up. Under this agreement all sectional terms of this agreement will be adhered to, until either party gives confirmation to the other of the termination of the agreement. You will not without the prior written consent of the Company have authority to commit the Company to any legally binding agreements, nor incur expenditure in the name or for the account of the Company nor sign any document, bring any proceedings nor make a promise on behalf of the Company nor hold yourself out as having authority to bind the Company, out with this Agreement. 4. Promotion of Romans products: As a Romans representative there are various ways in which you can promote the Romans products range. Family & friends, all social media platforms, pop up shops & local fairs and market stalls. We always expect for you to conduct yourself in a professional manor whilst promoting the Romans Brand. All promotional posters and video’s will be supplied by Romans Fragrances within our rep support group, and you are not permitted to create and use your own material or edit any material by Romans Fragrances. You are permitted to take your own photos of you using our products for promotional purposes. 5. Insurance: For public events such as Fairs and Stalls you are responsible for putting in place your own Public Liability Insurance. 6. Customer issues/complaints In the event of a customer/client informing you of a complaint/issue or dissatisfaction you will inform senior management/directors of Romans Fragrances. Knowingly hiding/failing to inform us will result in the closure of your account. 7. Conflict of interest If at any time during our agreement you find yourself in a position in which your interests are conflicted (for example joining/promoting products from another home fragrance company) You will immediately notify us in writing or by email. Failure to do so could result in your account being closed. 8. Your personal information: Romans Fragrances will store any personal information collected at sign up on a secure cloud system and the collected information will stay in place for a period of 5 years after termination of your agreement for the purpose of any future tax audits. The information we have stored will be used to update you on your customer orders, to notify you about upcoming promotional offers or new products. At no point under any circumstances will your personal information be distributed with any third parties without your consent. 9. Liability for Tax, NI and Pensions: Within this agreement it is agreed you are providing your services to Romans Fragrances as an independent contractor. All payments received by yourself will be accounted within your own accounts for tax purposes. As an independent contractor you will not be entitled to sick pay, holiday pay/entitlement or pension. Nothing stated within the terms of this agreement signifies you as an employee, agent or working partner of Romans Fragrances. 10. Confidential Information: 10.1 Within your agreement duration you will learn, work with, and be entrusted with information and trade secrets that are confidential relating to Romans Fragrances’ operations, such as new products and designs., customers, suppliers, and any information that is marked confidential. Keeping this information confidential is necessary to ensure our success. Within this agreement you cannot use for your own gain any trade secrets, other confidential information, data, or knowledge relating to the Company. 10.2 The terms of this agreement shall continue after termination of our agreement. 11. Termination of agreement: 11.1 On the termination of this agreement, you will irreversibly delete all information in your possession relating to Romans Fragrances. This includes all information that is stored on any PC, hard drive, memory stick or cloud device. 11.2 Romans Fragrances may terminate this agreement with immediate effect with no further obligation to you by emailed notice should at any time during the agreement you: 11.3 Are charged with or convicted for any criminal offences 11.4 If you are found to be aggressive or abusive to other Romans sales representatives, Romans employees or Directors of the Company. 11.5 Should you repeatedly breach any of the terms or conditions of this agreement. 11.6 If you are found to be promoting or conducting yourself in a manner that is damaging to Romans Fragrances brand name or reputation 11.7 Should you commit an act of fraud or conduct yourself in a dishonest manner which would likely bring the company of Romans Fragrances into dispute, and has an adverse effect on our brand reputation. 12. Agreement acceptance: On acceptance of this agreement, it will constitute as the only legally binding agreement between yourself and Romans Fragrances. This agreement supersedes all previous agreements.

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